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Art and Go Seek: An Interactive Scavenger Hunt
List of items/tasks/prompts

Items to be completed on Cranbury Day

Sing a song to the Cranbury Day crowd

Learn a position from a ballerina/ballet dancer

Get a bib number from this year’s Helene Cody Race

Fist bump a police officer

Buy a baked good from an 8th grader

Costume relevant to Cranbury

High five a Township Committee member


Items to be completed at any time 9/2-9/9

Two-minute sketch of Brainerd Lake

Urban camp out

Favor for a neighbor

Make a hat out of paper plates

Selfie with a veteran

Pocket-sized candy wrapper scarecrow

A flower for Linda Morris (Cody)

Selfie in Gourgaud Gallery 

Teddy bears at Teddy’s

Super hero visits Dr. Wonder Comics and Collectibles

I scream, you scream, we all scream for Gil and Berts

World’s worst makeover

The best advice you ever received

Donation for Skeet's Pantry

Dance with a teacher

Original poem "Ode to the Garden State"

Read to a librarian

Unconventional S'mores

Play an instrument you've never played before

Hammer time

Famous villian turned good

Random act of kindness

Human Christmas tree

Halloween-makeup party

Wizard duel

Haunted house shopping with a real estate agent

Cardboard haunted house

Lunch with a gargoyle

CAC Halloween Festival 10/28 sign or poster

Zombie shopper

Your version of famous works of art:

       The Mona Lisa

       Girl With a Pearl Earring

       American Gothic

       The Scream

Find and photograph:

      A street name sign with 5 vowels

      A fire hydrant that's not red

      A yellow binder

      A blue door

      A dog with two different-colored eyes

      A 4-leaf clover

      A "Wanted" poster

      A Christmas item in a store

      A flag for a sports team

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