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Student Film Festival

Congratulations to everyone who submitted films to this year's festival! We hope you'll take a few minutes to view each one!

Tortured Artistry

By Spencer Smith, with Ray Niro and Gina Auletta

Best Action Sequence Award

Two thugs are tasked with the job of stopping a writer from writing a story, but incidentally, indirectly, initiate her creative process.

Blue Varnish

By Everett Shen with Zoe Kim, Natalia Thomas, Spencer Smith, Madison Richmond, and Alan Wo

Best Cinematography Award

Jenny hallucinates in the bathroom while contemplating if her first steps into adulthood may have been a little too bold.

A Dogumentary

By Isabel Kinney, Flynn Kinney, JP Kinney, and Sawyer Kinney.

Best Comedy Award

A film about a dog named Honey.

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