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Halloween Festival 
Make A Scene Contest

Join the fun on the Trail of Scares and win cash prizes!

First prize $100

Second prize $50

Third prize $25

Show us your creative side and try to win a cash prize by making your own walk-through trail “scene”!  Scenes can be either static (contain creepy props or scenery) or live (have "actors"). and can be very simple, or as complex as you'd like. You can recreate a scene from a movie, reimagine a fairy tale, story, or graphic novel in scary or creepy way, write a short ghost or horror story you can tell or act out, come up with your own idea, or we can make suggestions. This is a great opportunity for scout troops, clubs, sports teams, families, groups of friends or co-workers, or creative individuals!

Contact us for more information!


  • Scene length should be limited to about one minute.

  • Ideas must be approved by CAC for appropriateness. Violent content and excessive gore are discouraged.

  • Students under age 16 must have an adult advisor who will preview the scene for content before the festival.

  • Scenes will be judged for creativity. Content can be scary, creepy, and/or humorous.

  • To help ensure safety on the trail, physical contact with trail guests is prohibited.

  • The entry deadline is October 17th. Please contact us before then if you plan to participate in the contest.

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