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     The Cranbury Arts Council is committed to providing a fun and educational camp experience while maintaining a safe environment for our campers. The CAC has made the following essential changes to our camp in order to follow all recommended CDC, NJ State, and Cranbury School Covid guidelines. These changes include reducing the number of campers. In addition, the following Covid related protocols will be followed based on current guidance from the CDC, NJ State, and Cranbury School. These guidelines will be monitored, and we will adjust our protocols accordingly. Please note that these protocols may change prior to or even during our camp. All parents will be notified of any changes.


  1. Campers will be required to submit an online Covid screening questionnaire before the start of camp each morning. 

  2. Temperatures will be taken when campers arrive each morning. 

  3. Campers will practice social distancing. We will be monitoring the guidelines provided by the CDC, NJ State, and Cranbury School for required distances while outside (6 ft./3 ft.) 

  4. Campers, staff, and volunteers will wear face masks at all times with the exception of when campers are singing or performing on stage. Campers will put their mask back on when finished. (We will monitor all participants with regard to the summer heat. We will have a designated area should a camper need to remove their mask for heat related issues.)

  5. Campers will be assigned a desk for the duration of our camp. They will keep their belongings on their desk, and this is where they will do their art projects. Hand sanitizer will be provided and used. Desks will be wiped down and cleaned at the start and end of camp each day. 

  6. Campers will use the designated bathroom facilities inside the Cranbury School. The Cranbury School custodial staff will be responsible for cleaning the bathrooms according to the Cranbury School’s Covid protocols. 

  7. Campers will be asked to bring their own water which will be kept at their assigned desks. We will have plenty of bottled water available.

  8. In the event of a positive Covid test of a camper, staff member, or volunteer, all participants will be notified immediately and all NJ State, CDC, and Cranbury School guidelines for close contacts will be followed.


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