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Fall Musical Theater Program 2019

Story and Cast of Characters

The story of The Nutcracker Prince

The performance unfolds on Christmas Eve, with a small group of Storytellers welcoming the audience, and introducing Clara and her younger brother Fritz. In the children’s home, party preparations are underway.


Much-beloved (and somewhat magical) Uncle Drosselmeyer visits the family and enjoys sharing the evening with them. The children's parents present them with a magnificent gingerbread castle, while Uncle Drosslemeyer gives an excited Fritz a set of toy soldiers, and Clara an intriguing wooden Nutcracker. Clara is heartbroken when the Nutcracker is accidentally broken, and she does her best to care for him, thoughtfully placing two of her favorite dolls under the tree to watch over him. She goes to bed, unaware that her kindness has released the prince from his spell.


As Clara dreams, the Rat King and his rowdy (but not always reliable) band of mice descend upon the house, eagerly searching for the gingerbread castle. In defense of the castle, the Nutcracker Prince calls his loyal Toy Soldiers to arms. The audience helps Clara’s Dolls and the Toy Soldiers trick the greedy Rat King, which leads to his defeat at the hands of the Nutcracker Prince. 


Clara is awakened by the noise of celebration following the battle, and finds the Dolls, Nutcracker, and Toy Soldiers have come to life. The Nutcracker Prince leads Clara and her cat Shadow to the Land of Sweets where the Sugar Plum Fairy, Snowflakes, and Flowers welcome them with open arms. But soon, the peace of the Land of Sweets is broken in a surprising twist, and an unlikely hero emerges . . .


On Christmas Day, Clara's magical dream has passed, and she awakens to the real world. Surrounded by her family and enchanted “friends”, Clara enjoys another wonderful holiday.


The Nutcracker Prince cast includes


5 Storytellers


Fritz (Clara's younger brother)

Uncle Drosselmeyer

(Clara's cat)

Clara's dolls: Mother Ginger, Katarina


Rat King

4 rowdy Mice (the Rat King's troops)


Nutcracker Prince

4 brave Toy Soldiers

Sugar Plum Fairy

Snowflakes: Crystal, Diamond

Flowers: Lily, Tulip

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